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The Boys

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It is hard to find time or be motivated to write blogs anymore. My energy is used up by our boys. So forgive me absence. I will get you up to speed now.
We have been in the new house for over a month. The transition from the old house to the new was a tough one. To reorganize and get structure back in place was a challenge. We have done that successfully by now, yet challenges never cease. The government approval has still not come through for the boys to sleep at the house. We basically just play the waiting game for that one. We also have our first review at year’s end which brings much trepidation.
The 21 boys are all in school and all doing well. Seeing them in their uniforms, helping them with their homework, and observing their eagerness to learn is consistently a thrill. Some of our boys in day school have even turned into the monitors in their class. Of course that’s partly because they are the biggest in the class, but also the teachers are reporting great behavior. The night school boys have not had it as good as the day school boys. The night schools here are, well….. not great. But last week they finally got their first homework assignments. You wouldn’t believe the eagerness and joy they had just to receive homework!! It was awesome. They woke up the next day and nearly ran to the adults for help. Ignoring the fact that it was their free/play time, they just wanted to do their homework!! HA, who ever heard of such a thing? I can’t say I have known any American kids racing to do their homework!
We have such a wide variety of characters in our house. What a treat to be observing and watching these boys grow. We have some that would shock anyone with their maturity, respect, and good behavior. Then we have those who would shock anyone with, well…. The opposite. Then we have boys who are obviously changing already, growing. It isn’t reasonable to expect much in the first year from boys with such tough stories. But, there are a few boys that just overwhelm us with praise to the Lord. One boy went from having no chance to move in the house(we showed grace), to now being one of the most obedient and funny boys. Wow.
Scheduling the different school groups and making sure we continue character development, devotions, and so on has been hard. But we are succeeding. We have started counseling and have set up time for learning and homework each day. We still are in desperate need for people, but recently had a volunteers push. Though not glowingly successful we are hoping to get help each night with the boys homework. I never realized how exhausting doing homework with kids can be. When homework time comes around, 5-8pm, we are already well spent. I can often be seen napping on one of the boys shoulder uttering answers to English questions in my half sleep. We are in the process of looking to hire tutors for the night school boys also. I have to say I am proud of the holistic nature of this ministry. Thanks to Betty, Muleken, Camden, Elias, Teddy, and more we are providing nearly unheard of opportunities for our boys. BUILDING LEADERS.
We host the NCC team starting Saturday. I am excited to see some old friends and get updated on DC. The work it takes to plan for a trip plus 21 boys is amazingly large, but worth it for NCC! The week will consist of torturing help, sharing stories, fun, relationship building, and a trip out of Addis!!!


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