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Sneak Attack!

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We just had an amazing time with the NCC team. Unfortunately we are hitting some pressure situations that make those lasting memories with the team fade a bit.

I CANT BELIEVE the NCC team got a week of sun during Ethiopia’s rainy season. I mean that just doesn’t happen. It was amazing. We took a trip out of the city and the team really had fun with the boys. The boys learned a lot and had so much fun! The team did team building competitions that the boys just loved. I have so much gratitude towards NCC.

Unfortunately this week we are having to make a very difficult decision. Our house lease is up which means we either have to move or pay for the extra rent that is already to expensive. There are a lot of problems with both choices. If we move it will be in a house that is much smaller and can not accommodate us. Every house that has been near enough refuses to have us or is even more expensive. If we stay, our rent goes up. We have no money! We have major budget concerns right now. Until we finalize our plans for the next 2-3 years and use that for grants, we are in need of funds to keep us going. To survive for the next four months we need at least $5000. Then we need a lot of prayer that we receive some grants starting in January.

If you know people interested in giving and supporting at risk youth, please forward this blog on. The page on the right of my blog titled ” Want to Help” can be used to support.

OK OK, how about some positive, fun stuff right? Well, some exciting developments regarding our future plans for our boys and more street boys to come. God is orchestrating big we believe. We are having a very difficult time with getting our boys to vocationals schools int he city. We knew this was a problem per some experienced partnerships we have. So just yesterday we as a team started discussing the possibilities of starting a training center/vocational school for street boys. Then today we got a proposal from a construction expert to train our boys as a part of starting a training center with street boys as beneficiaries. WOW! Of course I don’t want to jump the gun, but it is exciting! The pieces are coming together it seems. This would answer an unbelievably huge need in this city for street boys and other youth in need. It also might open avenues for income generation which has been a huge prayer request for a very long time. There are a lot more details to share but I will save those for future blogs as we start researching and examining the possibility of this exciting venture.


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August 24, 2011 at 1:03 pm

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One Year Anniversary !

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Tomorrow we celebrate our one year anniversary of moving into our home with our FORMER street boys from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It’s a numb feeling to think about it or blog about it. There aren’t words in the human dictionary that explains it all. So how can I?

I think I have used the word amazing in every blog, but the last year was truly that. Our 16 boys have grown incredibly over the last year. They went from being high and drunk most of the time, fighting a lot, eating thrown away food, always sick, to being tops in their class, standing out at their apprenticeships, speaking a lot more English, reading, and much more.

It’s a day we really need to be thankful and praise God for. Things have come together in unfathomable ways. I don’t know how or why God used me to do some of this, but it sure is a testimony to Him. IF I wrote the script on how I would like the first year of living with street boys in Ethiopia to happen, it would have not measured up to this last year one and nothing can ever take away this last year from any of us. It’s cemented in the path of our lives forever. We didn’t just survive either, we thrived, conquered, grew and learned a ton. I can’t imagine myself getting a more life changing crash course then I did in the last year. We all are so blessed to have this last year.

The last year spurs on unimaginable hope for the future. Its almost scary, I mean we are talking presidents here people! We are talking some of the greatest testimonies of all time. Yeah I am inking it because I believe it!

My church, NCC arrives tomorrow also. Their arrival and the anniversary are the medicine God ordered I think. Embarrassingly I feel like I am burnt out, partially useless, confused, and struggling WAY MORE than anyone who has witnessed these last two years of miracles. It’s a reality I hope to change! I pray for this trip, always an encouragement to me and everyone over here. I am so thankful for them.

The boys finished their apprenticeships with flying colors last week. Their bosses lavished them with praise, it was very encouraging to here and see. We have started again with scheduled teaching in the house. Having all 16 boys in the house at once is still on the overwhelming side of things. Or at least annoying. As we get ready for the second year of school we will be celebrating last years success on Sunday along with the Anniversary. PARTY! Our last boys got their grades today from last year. One boys rank went from 29th in the first semester to 8th in the second!! UNBELIEVABLE, but actually not that far off from other boys. Aforementioned(past blogs) Lilly got his today also. After never having been in school his rank went from 9th to 4th in the second semester .

Of our major prayer request- Girum and Johannes(small one)both are struggling in a major way, vocational school decisions, private school decisions, funding issues, direction for each boys future, and continued sanity for all leadership.

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