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I am bragging about my boys! The Bible is clear about us not bragging about our righteousness or when we give to others and more.. But this is different. I am not one to shy away from stating my opinions, but I am not even sure this is an opinion. I think it might be fact that my boys are the best.. EVER!

In America, I have felt my pulse quicken each time I get to share with someone how awesome our boys are, how much transformation we have seen. I am not glossing over the struggles we have gone through, but I would be an idiot not to see the change and not let that change be hope to my heart and maybe others

DJ- DJ is about 16 years of age(we aren’t ever sure of their ages). When he started he stood out as severly emotionally immature. He cried the most, argued and fought with the other boys the most, was closed to us.. We couldn’t see the diamond in him clearly, but today its brilliant! He is one of our most ingenious boys, a born ready engineer. He is one of the boys who got into a private school because of his amazing grades. He is so creative, can fix anything, and has great ingenuity. Best of all, he has matured ridiculously, has really developed an amazing character. He has become patient, expresses less anger, makes good choices, tackles very difficult schoolwork without falter, and has become more open to the leaders. AMEN!

G-Man-! He is 17 and really enjoying his vocational school. He has been one of our greatest challenges and joys. For the first 8 months in the house he was one of our hardest boys. He showed major disrespect, prevalent drug use, glaring disobedience for our rules, and even tainting the boys with negativity and rebelliousness. He even left at one point. Today he is teetering on being a strong leader. His drug use is nearly at 0, he is consistently respectful, he is very open with us, is an extremely hard worker, so eager to grow and learn, and has had other major break throughs in his character and spirituality. AMEN!

I want everyone to witness the transformation we see through our boys! I feel like everyone is missing out! I am so grateful, even amongst my silly bitterness, pessimism, doubt, and fatigue. Men all over are missing out, not realizing that they are missing the greatest life experiences on this planet. To just invest in youth and watch transformation take place!


Written by adamtaylorethiopia

November 30, 2011 at 4:12 pm

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  1. Adam: Just like you have a brag list, so do I. Guess who is on it. Just think about the transitions I could write about!! God bless you in your work. Keep looking up!


    December 2, 2011 at 4:22 pm

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