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The Way Forward

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Life is just awesome right now! We are in a complex but fun season as a ministry and team. Our boys are doing really well, but struggling at the same time. We as a team have fears, but live with holy expectation that feels like an adrenaline high sometimes. We are desperate for God to open doors and show us the way forward.
We continue to make moves on getting Foster Care started. We are meeting, reading, discussing, learning, planning, and mostly praying. We are hoping that at least 6 of our boys have a chance for long term placement in a family, that can help them continue with school, or just support them while they work and attend night school.
We also are chasing a dream of a vocational training/business model.
Both ideas seem impossible! We need so many experts, human resources, finances, and opened doors. It is an honor for all of us to even be dreaming these impossible dreams. I am so confident in what God is going to do, that I am even prematurely putting these dreams out there. We have already witnessed doors open and some amazing things happen to make us believe we are in the right direction. I personally have had an amazing season of prayer and time with God. Finally we had our first team “get away”. 11 of us including some volunteers, went out of Addis for two days. We prayed, shared, grew as a team, brain stormed, planned, laughed, had fun, and worked. It was an awesome trip. We all felt impacted and excited to move forward.
It is really hard sometimes not to get overwhelmed by what lies ahead and by the 16 major responsibilities we have. These sixteen wonderful boys are our priority and we can’t forget one of them. Each boy requires a unique life plan and so much attention.
Finally, let me share my bubbling excitement. It’s also premature. But our three private school boys, learning everything in English, learning French and just at a much more difficult school, finished ranked 4th,5th, and 6th in their grade. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Wow. We can’t even put words to how proud we are. 1 year and a few months removed from brain rotting street life and these boys are excelling in a very challenging school environment. Miracle.
WAHOO!!! We are desperate for GOD! We are desperate for His will to be done and for His continued guidance and miracles. We are having so much fun living in Holy expectation!


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February 11, 2012 at 9:59 am

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