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Sinking Stupidity

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Yeah, this defines me well. I am amazed sometimes how stupid I am and how often I revert back to my trusty ol’ stupidity.

I was reminded by Pastor Sahle that in one of the best miracles ever, Peter ASKED to walk on water. It wasn’t Jesus who asked Him. So first he asked, then he sank. That is stupid if you ask me. That is what we all do so often, especially me and the boys. For years I prayed for God’s will to be clear in my life and now when it is so crystal clear I find myself sinking in frustration, doubt, insecurities, and a general “who-es-me” mentality. How dumb. God is so good though, that He stays with me even though I am so simply stupid. Sometimes I revel in the ability to be so stupid, because it glorifies what God is doing even more.

I am an older model of our boys, teenagers. Political corrected-ness aside some of our boys are just stupid. Yeah I know better than most what the trauma, neglect, past circumstances create in them, but our wonderful boys are really forgetting that they prayed hard and hoped forever for the opportunities they have now. Their immaturity prevents their actions from showing they get that on a daily basis. I praise God for the boys that do get that, but how frustrating some of the other ones are with their behavior.

Our team spent 8 hours on Saturday and countless other hours these past two weeks on figuring out how to remind our boys of the contrast between their past and now. I preached to them about focus and consequences last Saturday. We also played detectives to find the major transgressors. I hope it sunk in just a tiny bit.

We appreciate all the prayers for these great boys! We also need people in a big way, people that help define what God wants us to do next and long term. The ideas are like an exciting avalanche, just need clear direction.
My favorite quote:
“I am not a smart man, but I do know what love is”


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April 30, 2012 at 2:38 pm

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I just dropped my fiancé, Sunshine Marion, off at the Addis Ababa airport. What a whirlwind month together it was.. Now we need to just show grit to get through the next five months of not seeing each other.

We had an amazing month being together! We now have had a total of two intense months actually face to face. We get along better then I even knew was possible, we enjoy so much together, we are so silly in love it seems laughable. I miss her already.

On top of just plain missing Sunshine, a lot of our boys are struggling. Its messing up my heart and mind and challenging the whole team. There are at least five boys that are reverting to some scary behavior after 1.5 yrs in the house. Personally I am hitting a wall with what to do besides pray. Am I missing something? Have I made too many mistakes? And more questions like this circle my mind.

The next five months include preparing the boys to move on with their “life paths, helping Sunshine plan a wedding, and preparing a relatively comfortable, safe home environment for my new bride, and seemingly a million other challenging things. Clearly, there is only room for God to do great things because I can’t do half of it, let alone all of it.

Always in need of prayer. Little Yohannes, Girum, Freakash, Metasabia, and Jamal are on the top of the list for those prayers. Ill be hitting my knees with anyone willing. Please pray for me to have grit and for Sunshine also!

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April 21, 2012 at 6:17 pm

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I have not blogged in so long, yet my life is drastically different. I wanted to take this time out from blogging about the boys to announce my engagement to Sunshine Marion. It feels wonderfully insane(she has to be) to write those words on public space. As of March 23rd, 2012 I started planning the rest of my life with an amazing woman.

I don’t have the articulation to describe how God stepped in and did something well beyond my dreams. I will say though that God putting Sunshine in my life has been as miraculous as Lilly showing me the sewer he lived in back in 2009.. Both events drastically life changing and now interconnected.

This blog ain’t big enough to describe the feeling of finding this kind of person and having such clear covenantal love for her. It has been a roller coaster romance, but so clearly divine. We now look forward to being a team and a testimony to all God has done in our lives.

After a surprise trip to America, a surprise proposal, Sunshine and I flew back to Ethiopia together on her planned visit with me as her surprise seat mate. I sit in my room, the boys playing outside and Sunshine watching over my shoulder as I write, giving me loving kisses.

We will be married on October 27th, 2012 and she will then begin her own adventure in Addis Ababa, side by side with me and the boys.
Sunshine leaves me side on Saturday, as we stay strong through five months of being apart. I guess this means I can get back to blogging more diligently, but now you all might have to hear more than you expected about SUNSHINE! You can see more about her here

I look forward to sharing more about the boys and now my engagement in the future!

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April 17, 2012 at 2:59 pm

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