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Too Much To Write

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How boring are bullet points? Well, how else can I convey the awesome things God is doing? There is too much.
-We celebrated our boys 2nd year graduation of school. The numbers are alarmingly glorious, with nearly every boy ranking higher than 10 in their class.
-We celebrated our cook. We have this amazing woman, who lives with us. I imagine it was her first experience of having the spot light shown on how special she is. LOVED her joyful tears
-3 boys have jobs, three are nearly guaranteed employment after apprenticeships, and 2 others have a great chance. That means all our vocational/night school tracks will be exactly where we hoped. God is so good and our faith was strong.
-Only 2 out of the four boys that left our house last month finished school. My heart still goes out to them, but glad 2 finished. I still hold out tons of hope for Lilly. As far as we know, he has joined a government economic empowerment program, making cobblestones for the streets of Ethiopia.
-Our program coordinator is working crazy hard to get our three year plan submitted and approved by the government. She is an amazing asset.
– NCC arrives in a month. Getting really excited to boast to my church family about our boys.
-Sunshine’s visit was amazing. We had what seems like a perfect 10 days. I’m blown away how our time together always goes better than I would ever expect. We met a couple who just moved here, gave up everything to build up Ethiopia through economic empowerment. All this with 3 kids! I am very impressed by them. Check out their website
-Today is my close friend and brother Ermias’s birthday. He continues to be one of the greatest friends, examples, Christ followers that I have ever met
– We have less than a month left till our 2 year anniversary and the boys official “graduation” from our program. It is insane to process that and reflect on where we were and where we are now. The kingdom dividends to this project are immeasurable. We have a lot of changes coming our way, so praying for continued provision and direction. We will not move out of our house till the end of September and there are many things to get done before then. Also praying the boys and our team finish very strong. It is tempting to be lax since it’s near the end and our boys are already so amazing.

Special thanks to the four folks who blessed Sunshine and I by sponsoring her flight back!

She is a natural with just about everyone

Celebration for completing another year of school. They exceeded all expectations

Honoring our cook who lives with us and serves us amazingly

Just wanted to show this amazing flower on our compound. We are leaving our house in two months, which will be exceptionally sad. The intricate detail is a great reminder of God’s glory


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