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The NCC trip of 18 plus 3 members of a video team has gone or is on their way. All I can say is that this trip, week was ridiculously awesome.

Our week was non stop, everything came together perfectly, there was major bonds formed, there was constant celebration, there was extreme fun and joy, and even some adventure.

Saturday(first day in Addis)- Team visited the mountain where our partner outreach program, Beze Entoto outreach, does their ministry. They led kids programs, visited beneficiary homes and had a blast.

Sunday- We celebrated boys graduation in front of Beza, then had a party with amazingly good lamb meat.

Monday-Wed morning- We had a ridiculous amount of fun playing organized games, swimming, forming bonds, playing volley ball and much more during our trip out of Addis.

Wednesday-returned to Addis, were welcomed by Beza, shopped, went to orphanage

Thursday-Team shopped, saw city, went to a museum, and handed out meals to over 100 homeless.

Friday- Team visited largest open air market in Africa, then went to Youth Impact and saw Ermias’s work, then ate a meal cooked by our two boys Girum and Mickie

Saturday-This was the cherry on top. AN AMAZING DAY! We hiked to a water fall, then the top of Entoto mountain. 6 hours of hiking, that involved some rain, cold swimming, and the high light mud slide. We then had closing ceremonies to close out the week and the team just left.

This was the best mission trip ever, let me just be real. It could not have gone any better. Everyone on each side experienced the favor of God and were blessed in many tangible ways. Can’t wait to see the seeds sown from this trip.
Wish I could go on, but another blog soon with photos. Thank you to NCC!!!!

PS: This doesn’t even include a report about the hard working video team that got amazing footage!! Amazing story lines. God is working big time!


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August 18, 2012 at 6:05 pm

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We call our project in Addis Ababa, Change for Change. Well our name doesn’t depict enough how much major change we and especially I will experience over the next few months.

At this point, after so many blessings and miracles, it’s impossible to feel fear, concern, or worry without thinking “ don’t be a doofus, God has proven Himself more faithful over the last three years!”

All at once, I am hitting a time of reflecting about the unbelievable last three years, while truly eager to see what the future holds for me, my new spouse, the current group of boys, and our future plans to serve street children the best way suitable.

In the next 6 months, we will graduate our first group of boys, assess and make improvements for the next group of boys, take action toward starting a business, and I will not just be married, but move my bride to Africa, start a new life, and expect generous people to pay our bills!!

It seems like insanity. Part of me has to work hard at fighting any temptation to worry, while the other part of me is so confident and excited to see what January looks like after God provides, teaches, blesses, and directs.

You know the hole “ pick up your cross or lose your life to find it” parts of the Bible? Well, these three years have proven that these directives are authentic, vital, and completely worth it! Before these last three years, I would have looked towards the wedding and major changes, shaking with anxiety, but now I can’t wait for the adventure and the chance to testify to God’s faithfulness when we put ALL(like every tiny bit) of our faith in Him.

Prayer: 21 NCC’ers will be coming this weekend! Intense. The boys 2 year anniversary in the house with us is August 13th, where we will chose to do our “graduation ceremonies” . Sunshine has worked wonderfully hard at getting our wedding together and it is. We need some seemingly crazy provision to make the next year, the start of our lives together a success. Where to take faithful steps in wanting to start this business here. Finally, there are visa “issues” after my current one ends in December.

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August 6, 2012 at 5:48 am

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