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Thanks to Cori Wittman I realized I need to not just focus on the miracles, but stay real about the messiness of what we do with our boys. Here are some stories that were/are messy!

-Reality is our boys are so far behind in school they may never catch up, or wont be caught up till they are in their mid 20’s. That doesn’t bode well for their futures.. BUT see Transformations and Miracles for some positive contradictions

-L.Y.- He is our most struggling boy. He is one of youngest. His lies are ridiculous and his stealing is constant. He has multiple times brought drugs into the house or been a part of a conspiracy to steal and deal. We are working hard at getting him the counseling and other things he needs but…

-Met- He wants to leave the house and this isnt the first time. Upon reconciling him with his family, like we do all the boys, they falsely accused him of stealing so the damage has been done and maybe not salvagable.

-B.Y. – He is one of our biggest smile, respectful, easy young man. Seeing his family for the first time in years has sunk him into a depression.

– we have lost 6 boys! Because of our inexperience and their unwillingness to make the right choices to change their lives these boys are back on the street. Its the worst part, but reality of our working with street children.

– We were kicked out of our 1st house, on the first day of moving in with 22 boys! It was the most insane time of the project, we lost so much weight, were nearly insane, send two boys to the hospital, kicked one boy out(now back with us), and just struggled. We were effectively homeless for 3 brutal weeks. But we stayed strong and God has done so much since then.

– We have an unreal team.. 3 ethiopian mentors, one woman who is a program coordinator and social worker, and a full time volunteer. We laugh, cry, yell, play, fight.. The mess of those relationships and others has been trying at times but an awesome display of Gods work.

– I am just messy. My room is messy. My language is down right vulgar at times. I have tried to change it with the Lords help but it hasn’t happened. I have learned better that I don’t work well with certain people, mostly women, but just about everyone. My procrastination and sometimes my stubbornness really is tough for others. I am quick to punish the boys, pessimistic, and my leadership skills are not nearly where they should be. I believe my boys are affected by my lack of smiles. I’ve learned joy but still doesnt always come out to play on my face

We Covet your prayers for these issues!

More to come when I feel like it..


Written by adamtaylorethiopia

December 12, 2011 at 9:52 pm

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  1. love this. thanks for letting us in to this side of your life and work!


    December 14, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    • Flick,
      You’re a beast. Becoming very introspective. Keep up the good work, it was good hanging out.


      December 15, 2011 at 3:22 am

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