Transformation and Miracles

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Im not sure how to do these, so I will just write..

– NEW 010912- “I HAVE MUCH”. Is what his names means. Sint… When we first moved in, he had absolutely no english alphabet and just about 0 Amharic alphabet. In 16 months he has learned both alphabets and can read well in Amharic. Thanks to a dedicated tutor and many others he has surpassed expectations and we believe for bigger miracles in his life.

– Lilly- Not that I have favorites but. Lilly is about 17 now. He is the most honest, peaceful, mature, fastest learning, strong, hard working, funny, playful kid on the planet(besides about 14 of our other boys). He showed me his home in a sewer in March of 2009 which is why I moved back to Ethiopia. Its beyond words the miracle we are witnessing I could write forever about just him

– G-Man- Still struggling, but wow he has grown. He was one of our most addicted, disrespectful, frustrating boys. I wanted him out of the house so many times. He corrupted other boys often, refused to listen to any character development or spiritual development. He left the house in anger. Upon his return he has shown his leadership potential and brilliant mind. A future math mathematician, he works and studies hard, shows so much more. He takes care of our garden and recently was moved by an all night prayer. His hope is to live with his mom and work hard to help provide for her and himself. After not even seeing his mom for about 2-5 years. His addictions are very limited now.

– DJ- My goodness was he annoying!! He would cry and fight with everyone at the drop of a hat. He didnt fit in with the boys, lied, was addicted and more. He is NOW IN PRIVATE school people!! 2-5 years on the street. He has matured a ton, has a handle on his emotions, not doing any of the addictions(we think), doing so well in school, and runs our computer room in the house pretty much on his own!!

Many more, will write when I feel like it! PLEASE join in our praise of our Lord for these stories. They are living testimonies.


Written by adamtaylorethiopia

December 12, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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  1. Thanks for sharing Adam. love these stories!


    December 13, 2011 at 11:49 am

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