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“I have seen much”

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I have seen much is the translation for one of our boys names. It also is the best I could explain what the last three years of living in Addis Ababa have looked like.

I write excitedly to share about Sintiyu. In the midst of some stressful times for our project, he is one bright spot. He worked so hard and well at the training we found him and two other boys that he was recognized during graduation and even given a share of a new company. He has a great opportunity to go forward and make a decent living. He also found a house with Alex and they are excited to be living on their own!

His story is an amazing one. He grew up far away from Addis, a two day trip and had been on the streets for many years. He and Alex are very close. Sintiyu never had a family that treated him well. Sitting with him during the first couple months in our house and trying to teach him English was one of my favorite and most frustrating memories. It took days to get him to learn one letter, he really struggled. Since then he has learned how to read and write Amharic, and some English. He is one the easiest boys to get along with and is our best soccer player.

I am so lucky to have the memory of sitting with him in the beginning and wondering what his future could be if he couldn’t even get the letter “O”. But look at him now, just amazing. It feels unbelievably good to be a part of all the things I have witnessed over the last three years. “I have seen much” and I wouldn’t trade if for the world.

He always ready for a photo opp


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